1 - Source of Life

Take the initiative.

Beginning, creativity, creation, life, initiative, imagination

Major Arcana – Principle 1: The Source of Life
The three Harmonics of Principle 1 are: 10 (the Crown), 19 (the Salamander) and 28 (the Scarab).

The Source of Life brings us back to the origins of existence. It reminds us that life is a miracle, that its appearance on Earth is due to the miraculous union of all the necessary conditions … That you are lucky and the great honor to be alive because before being born, millions of sperm jostled … and that on this one chance in several million, only one managed to be fertilized and here you are. The Source of Life, the number One, opens up to you the primary perspectives that allow existence. She tells you that the field of possibilities is endless, everything has to be done, everything remains to be done. Now is the time for a great departure, the Beginning.

You have the power to create, you have to use it. Everything is possible, the page is blank. The Source of Life gives enthusiasm, a taste for life, imagination, creativity, initiatives.

The questions asked by the Source of Life

What should i start? Am I creative? Am I aware of the wide range of possibilities open to me?


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