25 - The Mask

Play your part, adapt.

Every individual has two faces: his mask, which he presents to others and the face behind the face, the “real one” … All these faces are however real because we irreparably have different roles depending on the people who face us. The large triangle of the glyph is the image we produce in front of others; the circle at the bottom of the glyph is our real face. The Mask has the ability to transform the inner face (by definition difficult to access) into a “Mask” that is to say into a luminous and accessible face, full of its intentions, full of its identity and its features that everyone recognizes. … He accomplishes this transformation in order to make himself understood, in order to make himself visible to his interlocutors.

The Mask tells us: “play your part”. You are on Earth for something. You have taken a precise shape and precise features, the design of your personality serves a purpose that is beyond you (in Latin, mask is “persona”). There is your real face, your real features, whose mission is to wear all the masks you will need but that real face exists behind the masks.

The message of the 25th harmonic is an invitation to show yourself, to introduce yourself, to play the social game. If you hide yourself in order to cover yourself up you will sever the connection with others – and that is your right. But if you play a role that is not yours you will quickly be exposed. What game of appearance – or invisibility – are you playing? Use this potential for transformation to position yourself, draw the lines that will allow you to find your place in relation to others … Cast that face, you are the Artist.

The Mask’s questions

What should I show or hide from myself? Am I playing my part? In this life, which is a vast staging, what are the acts that I show?


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