5 - The Inner Self

Create a bubble of protection around you

Intimacy, interiority, gestation, silence, inner bubble, childhood, private sphere, secrecy.

Major Arcana – Principle 5: The Inner Self
The three Harmonics of Principle 5 are: 14 (the Equinox), 23 (the Footprint) and 32 (the Mystic Rose).

Take a good look at this circle: it is the circumference of your soul. It is inside you and contains your childhood, your memories, your emotions, your love for your loved ones, your passions, your secrets … It is your bubble, your inner child. Also, this child is sensitive; he reacts to everything that happens outside. Outside there are beautiful things, but there are also dangers. Everything inside the circle must be protected, like a child in its mother’s womb who must wait before going out.

The message of this card is: be careful to delimit well your inner bubble, protect your privacy, your privacy, keep a territory that belongs only to you. It is for your most basic well-being: yes, you are no longer in your mother’s womb, you are an adult and you do not have to be afraid; yet your interior space may be threatened because the latter, which seems so well protected to you, contains rough edges and it could be easy for some to pierce this bubble and violate your sacred space. Create an energy bubble that will protect you … if you feel such and such a person, situation or place harmful to your well-being, something wants to enter you and drink from your energy. Don’t allow this! But beware, the Inner Self does not cut you off from the world: it preserves you so that you can go and meet it.

Questions of the Inner Self

What should I keep in myself, in the secret of my privacy? Am I protected?


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