27 - The Prophet

Go your own way … defend your ideas.

The glyph represents two curves which seem to fight against each other, designating the fight inherent in each being, the fight which puts us face to face with adversity, with adversaries… The point of the long triangle descends towards the ground to establish solidly the convictions of the Prophet. Thus, he is sure of himself, master of his destiny. The glyph also resembles a ram’s head, the first sign of the zodiac, referred to here as a shepherd.

Sometimes the path of the Prophet is arduous and events difficult, you have opponents but you must resist and strive to maintain your integrity at all costs. The Prophet is powerful, stubborn, he comes to tell you: do not impose your opinions on others but defend your ideas and your ground; you know your way, it’s the right one, don’t let that sway you. The Prophet is the teacher who transmits knowledge, he is the Guide. The menu may appear austere and lonely; the Prophet can indeed preach in the desert or withdraw there to remain worthy of his mission.

As he is the Guide, he is the one we follow, he is the example, the patriarch. It is also the one that fits: the message of harmonic 27 is therefore a message of vigilance, which warns you of a situation in which you must stay the course of your ideas, not let yourself be influenced, give the rules and the laws that are yours. He traces the line of conduct … In order to protect and not to tyrannize or manipulate!

The questions asked by the Prophet

What are the ideas that I must defend? What should I allow or not? What is the path I want to follow?

26 - The Phoenix

Burn to be reborn. Recycle yourself. Take action for yourself.

The coaster lying on the glyph reminds you of Infinity and its cosmic cycles. The Phoenix, which is reborn from its ashes, passes from death to life following the curve of this famous figure eight; in the center of the glyph, the head of the Phoenix, firmly planted with its convictions and tenacity, offers a form open to the sky, a kind of Y which offers itself new and numerous perspectives. So this is a card of Hope; the left part of the glyph indicates a descending part, which moves towards the ashes, while the right part seems to rise and be reborn, for a new and stronger incarnation.

The message of the Phoenix is a message of metamorphosis, it asks you for a transformation which can go through the painful ordeal of fire. You lose nothing by getting rid of the past, by burning down your old house. The Phoenix purifies itself of everything it realizes it no longer needs (has it ever needed it?); now he’s setting it all on fire, this way of life that may just have had its day.

The Phoenix shows you that at this moment you don’t need anything. other than yourself. He asks you not to doubt your abilities or your autonomy. He reminds you that what seemed dead can be recovered. Tap into yourself, dare to kill your own fears. The Phoenix is ​​also the triumph over Self …

The Phoenix questions

What if I changed my life? Why shouldn’t I be capable of this or that? Do I really need help, or can’t I handle it on my own? What can I recycle?

6 - Angels Voice

Express yourself

Outdoor life, communication, media, broadcasting, public

Major Arcana – Principle 6: The Voice of the Angels
The three Harmonics of Principle 6 are: 15 (the Oracle), 24 (the Messenger) and 33 (the Alphabet ‘).

The glyph shows an open shape evoking a bird taking flight. This aerial shape is also a point reminiscent of the writer’s quill. From this small point which will land at the bottom, two wings will unfold which will allow something to be released and soar upwards. The Voice of the Angels is the communication card in the broad sense, it frees information, exchanges, it opens the door of your life to the outside. The Voice of the Angels refers to any form of exteriorization: from the simple act of opening your window, your door, to the development of the most effective and sophisticated modes of communication. However, communication does not require so much technology: just talking can be enough; speak wisely, say the right things to the right people … Express yourself.

This card designates the outside world, the public, what is outside and accessible to the greatest number; the Voice of the Angels is that little bird that anyone can catch. What you have to externalize can concern a lot of people, maybe your ideas need to be publicized in great ways.

The questions asked by the Angels Voice

What is going on outside? Shouldn’t I come out of my den? What should I externalize?


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