28 - The Scarab

Seize the opportunity that presents itself to you. Events may not be going your way, but they have something for you.

Chance, providence, disorder, luck or bad luck; uncontrollable forces, expansion, crowds, accidents or the unexpected

The Scarab designates the uncontrollable forces of the Universe; the roller coaster in the center of the glyph reminds us that we are caught in a universal circuit that can cause both good and bad surprises.

The Scarab is the symbolic animal that draws from the earth, from the raw material and chaotic to create order from disorder. He recalls that the artisan potter uses shapeless clay to give a precise shape to his creations. Likewise, this card tells you that apparent disorder helps you find order; the Cosmos was built from Chaos. So a situation may or may not immediately turn in your favor; this is to promote another situation which will come later but which will be even better for you. Knowing how to use opportunities, chances, bad luck, accidents, unforeseen events, requires creativity. That’s what it’s all about with the Scarab; he asks you if you know how to improvise because maybe now is the time. You haven’t controlled the situation, but it may turn to your advantage.

Maybe now is also the time to spot the flaws in a system of which you are a cog ; your revolt, your opposition to what is happening could be beneficial. The Scarab does not ask you at any time to let it go, on the contrary.

The questions the Scarab asks

Did I take my chance? Am I aware of my rights? Is what is happening fair?

6 - Angels Voice

Express yourself

Outdoor life, communication, media, broadcasting, public

Major Arcana – Principle 6: The Voice of the Angels
The three Harmonics of Principle 6 are: 15 (the Oracle), 24 (the Messenger) and 33 (the Alphabet ‘).

The glyph shows an open shape evoking a bird taking flight. This aerial shape is also a point reminiscent of the writer’s quill. From this small point which will land at the bottom, two wings will unfold which will allow something to be released and soar upwards. The Voice of the Angels is the communication card in the broad sense, it frees information, exchanges, it opens the door of your life to the outside. The Voice of the Angels refers to any form of exteriorization: from the simple act of opening your window, your door, to the development of the most effective and sophisticated modes of communication. However, communication does not require so much technology: just talking can be enough; speak wisely, say the right things to the right people … Express yourself.

This card designates the outside world, the public, what is outside and accessible to the greatest number; the Voice of the Angels is that little bird that anyone can catch. What you have to externalize can concern a lot of people, maybe your ideas need to be publicized in great ways.

The questions asked by the Angels Voice

What is going on outside? Shouldn’t I come out of my den? What should I externalize?

29 - The New Era

Take flight! Free yourself from all your shackles, create, surprise.

The future, modernity, change, the conquest of the sky, the flight. Freedom, vacations, projects. Imagination, novelty. Dreams and fantasies.

The glyph represents a butterfly with an eye at its center. This eye is the Consciousness of your possibilities and your capacities of transformation.

Come out of the chrysalis and take flight: a new world is offered to you, new possibilities, a vast sky and promising will take you to new lands… You are free! The New Era invites you to create your own life, an unstoppable movement is breaking down barriers and you don’t even have to strain: you feel so light that nothing can stop you. No tension required, no effort to shatter obstacles: you are so high that nothing can reach you. This state is only temporary but it is the necessary breath of fresh air in the progress of your life. No suffocation possible… If this state is not yours now, then it means that you are like a butterfly which has very pretty wings but which does not use them to take flight… Remove the psychological obstacles which are illusory.

Attention, the New Era asks you to be vigilant on one point: this feeling of power, of lightness has its share of dangers, a certain Icarus has burnt his wings to have wanted to approach his dreams too closely, without taking into account the reality that kept him here below… The New Era tells us: live your dreams, make them come true, anything is possible, but don’t dream your life. This harmonic gives you the creative fire of the realization of things, not that of the dissolution of reality …

Questions of the New Era

Am i free What prevents me from being fulfilled, surprising, enthusiastic, original, creative?


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