36 - The Book

Do things with conviction, follow your guides.

Convictions, beliefs, religion, faith. The Book wants to bring together, federate. Destiny, destiny, to accomplish one’s duty. The Book has a definitive aspect

We can see several things in the glyph, the two pages of an open book, the reel of Destiny which unwinds the thread of Life … The two semi-circles also present in the Prophet (Harmonic 27) show the intimate oppositions that everything one each meets on his way; the large triangle aims to stabilize convictions …

The Book symbolizes the collective laws which are written and on which each one can rest to say: it is thus, it is written, the Truth common to all is found there. The Book is the harmonic of convictions, beliefs, of Destiny. He reminds us that we have homework. Its message is to remind us of what is inevitable, unavoidable, “written”. He questions us about this fatality and asks us: what is the Truth from which I cannot escape? Even if no one has the Truth, it is clear that we need rules, common knowledge, a “program” in which everything is written because it is difficult for us to move forward without certainty. And yet sometimes we create our own mental prisons. The Book of Convictions is a benchmark that helps us stay sure and certain of something. We can cling to a faith, a philosophy, a belief which is based only on inner conviction.

We draw the Book first to ask ourselves what are our convictions and unalterable beliefs, but also what we condemn ourselves to. The spool of fate, which is spun by the Moires in Greek mythology, ties us to the thread of Life, to the silver cord which once cut takes our life away. The message of the card invites us to follow our inner guides, our powerful intuitions that will make us overcome doubt and break down borders. The Book is the last card and in that sense it seals the game, ends the loop.

Questions of the Book

Is what I live my destiny? Am I doomed? What are my beliefs, my certainties? What do I have faith in? What are my duties?

23 - The Imprint

Refocus … Leave your mark. Go to who you really are.

The glyph of the Footprint is at the same time a target, a key, a lock… The small circle inside the large circle also represents the spirals that make up the fingerprints, shown by the triangle, which points towards the center.

“Refocus”, this is the first message of the Imprint; it tells you to think about yourself and to be more precise, it invites you to know yourself. Thinking of yourself does not mean being egocentric; to think of yourself is to know yourself, to know your strengths and limitations. Don’t do what isn’t “you”. Put your fingerprint: signal your presence, as a fingerprint can. Say who you are, give your name. So you will be able to delimit your territory, the territory of your inner being. Our name is on our door, on our identity card, it allows us to confirm what belongs to us.

In the same way, the Footprint in the symbolic sense allows us to remain ourselves . We cannot own the Earth and to buy it is illusory; on the other hand, we can ensure that our life is not dispossessed. This is perhaps the most important thing to protect: our identity. Leaving its mark, its mark is also a proof of commitment.

Questions of the Imprint

Am I in harmony with my inner being? Am I leaving my traces? Am I engaged?

33 - The Alphabet

Get organized: make sure you are doing things in order.

Written communication, letters. Organization, logic, order, social position. Discrimination

What is an alphabet, if not an organization presenting each letter in a specific order, designating the places of each, from Alpha to Omega? Flip the glyph over and you will recognize an “A”. It is up to you to see where this A is in your life, it is up to you to determine what is at the beginning and what is at the end …

The Alphabet also designates communication in the broad sense, the written communication in particular. Logic is its strong point, expression its asset. In your projects, do not put the cart before the horse. The Alphabet is warning you, it is a kind of alarm signal, a sign, a warning sign. By doing things in the right order, you will find your true place. The Alphabet is also the one that defines, that gives a name – and sometimes in its most intolerant aspect, a label – but it intervenes in a draw to question you about your definition of things. Maybe you have to be aware of who you are, what box is yours to understand why things are happening this way; maybe if we put a name on a situation, we are better able to make it fruitful. So, rather than reprimand the child who constantly makes spelling mistakes, perhaps we should try to find out if he does not fit in the “dyslexic” box…

Often, it is by putting things and people in their context that we manage to find an explanation or resolve a problem.

The questions of the Alphabet

Are you in your place? What is your place in society, in your own life, in the Universe? Are you doing things in order?


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