27 Harmonics & 9 Principles


Here you can find a new bestiary, a new family of symbols.
You can be of the sign of the New Era, of the Mask, of the Mystic Rose or of the Book.
You can be a Sphinx, a Prophet, a Messenger or the Moon…

The harmonics constitute a new system, which is a synthesis between numerology, astrology and cartomancy. There are 27 harmonics, which are spread over three zodiacs… Harmonics are the result of several years of work, investigation, multiple experiences such as tarology, astrology, dreams, visions, coincidences…

Your date of birth, any date related to any event has a resonance, a vibration. This assumes that Everything is connected in the cosmos. By dint of experimentation we realize that this is not occult, but on the contrary, everything becomes obvious. The vibration of your numbers gives you an experience, a message, for you to read it, follow it… and maybe even apply it.






RelationAl HarmoniC THEME

The system is a complete zodiac. Your complete Harmonic Theme (or Birth Harmonic Theme, THN) contains 10 harmonics, each developed through the 10 elements. It’s the equivalent of an astrological chart.

A 24 page document, with harmonic zodiac wheel and aspects sent to you as a PDF by email / Recorded audio file of your theme (french)

You can also obtain a study on your Annual Theme or THA (Annual Harmonic Theme) which develops the trends for the current year. It is an equivalent of the Solar Revolution in traditional astrology, it is calculated based on your birthday and the current year.

A 24 page document sent / Recorded audio file of your theme (french)

The THI or Initiatic Harmonic Theme offers you the other side of your THN. This is the equivalent of a LUNAR theme, which will not tell us about what we already know: it will explore what is hidden, where we do not think we are going.

24-page PDF sent / Recorded audio file of your theme (french)

The study of the couple, or Relational Harmonic Chart (THR) is based on the dates of birth of both spouses (or any two partners), this is equivalent to a composite chart and a synastry in traditional astrology.

A 24 page document sent / Recorded audio file of your theme (french)


The game is made up of the Major Arcana, the 9 Principles, and the Minor Arcana, the 27 Harmonics.
The minor arcana derive from the major arcana by the numbers: in fact, each Principle is at the base of three Harmonics.

The three Harmonics of Principle 1, the Source of Life, are 10 – The Crown, 19 – The Salamander and 28 – The Scarab. The membership of these three arcana in Principle 1 is explained by the numbers assigned to them. Indeed, 10 is Harmonic of 1 because 10 = 1 + 0 = 1.

Likewise: 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 and 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1. The Principles are related to Harmonics by numbers as well as by meaning.

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