Free Harmonic Theme


Harmonics are divinatory numbers

They constitute a new system, which is a synthesis between numerology, astrology and cartomancy. There are 27 harmonics, which are spread over three zodiacs… The harmonics are the fruit of several years of work, investigation, multiple experiences such as tarology, astrology, dreams, visions, coincidences… this goes of the principle that Everything is connected in the cosmos.

Your date of birth, any date related to any event has a resonance, a vibration. By dint of experimentation we realize that this is not hidden, but on the contrary, everything becomes obvious. The vibration of your numbers gives you an experience, a message, for you to read it, to follow it… and maybe even to apply it.

You can find here a new bestiary, a new family of symbols, you can be of the sign of the New Era, of the Mask, of the Mystical Rose or of the Book, You can be a Sphinx, a Prophet, a Messenger or the Moon…